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High School Musical Claims
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High School Musical Claims
Welcome to hsmclaims. I'm Amee (ziirax) and I run this place. Originally, I don't think the community was very good and it did die a lot, so I've recently got it back up and running! If you don't know what a claims community is, where've you been? Well, basically, a claims community is where you post a claim for any aspect of your favourite fandom! Whoop, sounds great, right? Generally, you can get get banners and graphics to go with your claims so that's pretty cool, right? Right! So check it out, look around and start claiming!
1. You can't claim anything unless you're member of the community.
2. You can claim anything you want. You could claim an entire character, or you could claim something more specific or particular to that character.
3. Members get 3 claims each per month.
4. You can earn more claims by helping out with the community. Things like making banners and graphics would be great!
5. You can only claim one thing per category.
6. Make a new post when you're claiming.
7. Always check the claims list before posting.
8. Only promote other communities that are hsm related.
9. If you want to remove a claim, just post and you can have it taken off. Don't claim something else until the next day.
10. Friends lock every post.
11. If you want a banner/icon that matches your claim, give the dimensions (widthxheight) and optionally the URLs of screencaps or photographs.
12. To become an affiliate, comment on one of the posts.
13. If you like, you can explain why you want your claim in your post but it's not required.
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