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11 July 2007 @ 03:02 pm
Restarting this community  
Right guys, yeah.
I let the community die, regrettably, a while back.
I'm restarting it though.
With a brand new look, a brand new style and pretty much a brand new attitude. I guess I wasn't into Livejournal as much back then but I certainly am now, so I've decided to revive this place.

I will definitely get to your requests and claims.
I've just sorted out a new layout (tell me if you like it), I'm working on the profile and I'm going to make loads of banners and promotion graphics.
Okay, so I've renewed the profile. I think it looks nice. I have also made four promotion banners so, if you're feeling helpful, you know what to do (:

The members who made claims a while back, sorry, but they were all deleted in the process :/
Reclaim though, and I'll be extremely glad to fulfill your wishes!

Anyway, welcome (back) to hsmclaims and get claiming, really!
Thanks, Amee.